FAQ (engl)

What is [qfb]?

„Queerfeministisch bier*trinken“ [qfb] (queerfeminist beer drinking) is a left/queer regulars’ table (Stammtisch, in German) since January 2013.

We’re always happy meeting new queers at the [qfb]! So don’t be shy. Or let’s be shy together ;o

If you have any questions first, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us at: qfb@gmx.de

When and where do you meet?

These days we meet once a month, usually on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Our meetings start at 7pm, mostly in a pub in Frankfurt-Bockenheim. It is important for us that the pub can be reached easily using public transportation. We always publish all necessary information about the next meeting here in this blog (list of past dates).

At least one of us is already at the pub by 7pm. Usually, some of us are still there at 10pm or even later. So you don’t have to be punctual. Please note, however, that by early evening there will probably be an introduction of participants.

What does „queer“ and „queerfeminist“ mean to you?

To us the term „queer“ refers to people who are not cis gender[1] and/or not heterosexual. They probably define themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, non-binary, transgender etc., or they oppose being categorized. Of course this is a simplification of the term queer. Let’s talk more about it at the qfb meetings.

Adding „queer“ to „feminism“ is supposed to stress that we do not have a cis/heterosexual view of feminist topics, but include many different aspects. For us, though, „queer“ is just as important as „feminist“.

Who are you people?

We are people of varying ages[2], who either define themselves as queer or do not conform to the cis/heterosexual norm in another way.

There is currently a group of 7 people who take care of organizing the [qfb]. You might say that this is an awful lot of people for just that ;) But we really want to be relaxed about organizing our [qfb] evenings and we divided up our duties. This way we can be most confident that you will never find an empty table when coming to the [qfb].

All of us are coping with different processes and thoughts, and we are just happy to indulge them in our way at the [qfb] meetings. We all have varying left-wing backgrounds and/or view the existing societal power structures critically. We would like to underline that we ourselves do not have all the answers yet (we do not), and that we, too, are not „done“ with reflecting on gender, desire or categories (we are not).

Do I have to drink beer? Will I have to talk? What awaits me?

Nobody has to drink any beer! :) The rest of the evening depends on which people are present, but some things are always the same:

Usually by early evening there will be an introduction of participants. Saying our pronouns will be part of this. The introductions of participants are always short – we all just say our name and pronoun(s) and then add another piece of info about us we agreed on right before. This will not be anything too personal but something that might help us to talk to each other more easily. For example: our favorite food, bands we hate, or our guilty pleasure TV show.

If you come to our meeting, you can take part in it however you want: You can just hang out with queer people, discuss topics like books or everyday life, or you might even want to participate in planning political happenings. In general, our meeting is a political one. We are happy to meet people who get all this and want to join us for a beer and a chat (of course, you can drink whatever you like, not just beer ;)).

What are you talking about all evening?

Until now we never ran out of things to talk about ;)

Things we usually talk about at the qfb meetings are:

  • Discussing discrimination in everyday situations, talking about our thoughts regarding queer politics and queer life in general
  • Exchange feminist and queer theories
  • Criticism of capitalist, (hetero-)sexist, racist, etc. structures
  • Talking about queer subculture, like comics, movies/TV shows, music and art
  • Criticism of gay and lesbian mainstream (Gender Mainstreaming is not our revolution)
  • and a thousand other topics that are not even related to politics or queer stuff…

Why did you found the [qfb]?

Queer people can hardly find a safe space in everyday life – in the office, in their private life, the media, and so on. For at least once a month we want to provide such a space. We mainly found the [qfb] so we could meet other queer people with left-wing political orientation.

In the beginning we discussed at length how to define the space we wanted to create. We also debated if we should open it up for people who are straight and cis. Our decision was and still is: Opposed to all the groups who are also open to people who are cis and straight, we want to offer an explicitly queer space. Of course you have decide on your own if this applies to you. There will be no queer entry exam ;)

Why do you call the [qfb] „Stammtisch“?

The German term „Stammtisch“, meaning „regulars‘ table“ may seem off-putting (old-fashioned, male-centric, conservative), however, we have decided to use this term because we want to reclaim it and give it a more positive connotation. Also we found it quite funny. We usually meet in pubs or bars which are not defined as queer, so we will be visible there. Most of us can, of course, be seen in queer locations on a regular basis too.

What do we want to achieve with the [qfb]?

As the [qfb] is not a political/activist group as such but rather a space we are providing for discussion, this is a low-threshold way of meeting other queers. Many left/queer spaces and groups are hard to enter or even to find. Of course this comes with good reasons but, especially if you’re new in this city, it is not easy to get in with „the community“ or to even find information on groups and events. This is the main reason for the [qfb]: We would like to offer a space for queer people to meet each other. No more, no less.

We want to create a safe space as possible for queer people. No sexism, no racism, no homophobia, no transphobia, don’t be an asshole.

Who can come to the [qfb]?

We welcome everyone who feels these FAQ apply to them.

[1] Cis (or cis gender) is used to express that someone identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth, i.e. a man who was defined as a man since birth and still defines himself as such, or a woman who was born a woman and still defines as such.
[2] Effectively we gather people from age 25 to 50. We just mention this as an information, not a limitation.


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